Richie's "Big Head-Ache"

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Richie's "Big-Headache" was an event that i did, cause i got tired of not seeing any decent shows down here in south county OC go on since the Stitches played with Shane MacGowan and Smogtown at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano like 3 years before and that was a sitdown event. I remembered that it had been almost 10 years since the Stitches had last played San Clemente with my old band Seedless, back at Lui's Chinese Cuisine, before it was China Beach. Smogtown being one of my favorites, it had to be done. A little coersion on all parties parts, and it was done. I hadn't booked a show in almost 4 years and was not sure how it would actually go. This night featured the Broken Bottles(Great!), the Fuse (amazing!), Smogtown(Guitardo was chirping, go figure?), and the Stitches(yeahh!), and ruled like no other. The bands the Distraction, and the Negatives, both cancelled, and can suck my left cancer filled nut. More like "BitchWaveNewWave!!!!" This show sold out at 350, and fortunately only (1) misunderstanding.....with the guitarist from Broken Bottles....that will all be in some of the liner footage on the Smogtown DVD coming out Summer 03'......enjoy these photos courtesy of Dingo #00, cause i was at the door making sure the bands got paid. Late, Richie