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Dead Actors

Action camera
Station number
High speed weak knees
Telephoto close up please
Make-up role call
Won't work too tall
Contract smooth talk
Script is shit but not the blood on the sidewalk
Dead Actors
News break seemed fake
Blood red too faint
Guest star wrecked car
Do I get my SAG card
Stand in stunt man
Sound stage film can
Set light speakers
Looked a lot realer in 35mm
Dead Actors
Your secret super agent landed you a position
With your arms folded white as a stiff
Exit stage left in a funeral precision
On screen casualty that never lives
Poor you crap debut
Your final exit got a bad review
Ratings down for reality T.V.
Next time remember violence is celebrity
Dance Asshole

That dude don't need no stance
Can't stand still with ants in the pants
So what the fuck keeps up dance asshole
He likes to spaz in front of the stage
Legs marching in a total rampage
So what the fuck keeps up dance asshole
Mind losing
Keep the legs moving
Swinging arms around making drinks hit the ground
Dance asshole starting to stink
I think you owe that girl a drink
So what the fuck keeps up dance asshole
Entertaining entertainers
Knocking over booze containers
So what the fuck keeps up dance asshole
Sneaking Out

Parents are sleeping tap him awake grab your brother
And the gear your gonna take...Sneaking Out
Don't let the door squeak walk on tip-toe
Watch your step there's a loose board in the floor...Sneaking Out
Down the hallway through the kitchen
Those sleeping kids they don't know what they're missing...Sneaking Out
Into the garage and out the side door
Release your breathe you no longer have to hold it...Sneaking Out
When will this duo pull off another caper
Suburban terrorists armed with toilet paper
Run down the driveway skateboard in arms
dodging headlights hiding behind cars...Sneaking Out
Skate down the street down to the park
Where the kids seek refuge in the dark...Sneaking Out
Spotlight glare it's you that they're after
You've been caught by a cyclops helicopter...Sneaking Out
Close call lets take this back to base
It's too easy to get caught in this place...Sneaking Out
Wait Dave stay down in the bushes
Up on the roof I see some kind of movement...Sneaking Out
My mistake investigate it was our father trying to escape...Sneaking Out
Hey there kids now don't you tell your mother
Here's five dollars give half to your brother
Let me warn you before you begin
The hardest part is sneaking back in
Middle Class High

Moms on a bender
This daddy ain't mine
So we'll just pretend and get middle class high
I've got some problems with my living expense
Inflated prices on the good stuff
Our neighbors keep sneaking it over the fence
The overhead is getting pretty rough
President Bush we could use your help
Presidente Fox has got some stuff for sale
We'll all sit on the fence together
They smoked it down and never exhaled
If this shit was cheaper I could spend more
To stimulate the economy
You outta do something Georgie Boy
These prohibition prices are killing me
Manifest Destinoid

Stan lived in Deerborne
A city in Michigan
Smoking meth with his girlfriend Karen
Like this it wasn't going to end
He said
Karen we could do better
We could become movie stars
We could live in a beach front cottage in Surf City
Pack up the car
Another manifest destinoid
Headed west when they deployed
Karen grabbed their belongings
Stan grabbed the pipe and keys
Crammed in an '86 Citation headed west on I-80
Stan followed the sunset
And kept his foot on the gas
The speed would soon be running out
And they hadn't even made it through Nebraska
Two days later
Denver's right in sight
Stan and Karen had an itch to scratch
They could pawn some shit and score that night
Karen found the corner
Maybe the corner found them
When stan made the exchange they got arrested
The trip ends here
Stan left in handcuffs
Karen left by greyhound
Lost most of their belongings and the cars still in impound
Stan called last saturday
Said "Karen I'll be out in ten"
"Come pick me up in Denver and we'll try this again"
Moms And Dads

Moms and dads how'd they end up this way
Were they all thrown into responsibility
Still marching on now they're the enemy
Youth battles lost to procreativity
The process begins here
As a young man thought you'd make a stand
Against the parents that supposedly screwed you
But you were way to young to understand
Where your rebellion would lead you also
Don't think you need these people or their advice
Their life before wasn't nothing like yours
You wish you could separate from them
But chances are they'll grow up like you
The cycle continues
You've got your girlfriend and you think you're in love
You both have plans to see the world together
Always discussing how you'll do things different
Always discussing how you won't be tied down
But now she's pregnant you could use some advice
Who's smarter now there's nowhere to run
You've got no choice you'll have to face the facts
Chances are they'll grow up like you
The process never ends
(Repeat 1st Verse)
Neutron Blonde

This might sound crazy but it's totally true
So scientific revolutionary too
They got this process down to a practice
Recorded from the human genome they mapped
They turned the centrifuge on to make a neutron blonde
They come out perfect down to every cell
Maximum brain power an advantage as well
She'll come in and solve all my problems
Maximum strength knocks them out again
They turned the incubator on to make a neutron blonde
Watch it mister we've been watching your mate
We know your fucking round with DNA
Polymerase chain reaction
How can you explain this infraction
Stole her from the scientists of some degree
But all that knowledge ain't as cool as me
Fuck all the formulas and natural laws
And continue with our humanoid cause
Turn the radio on dance with a neutron blonde
Moral dilemma it's your soul that it costs
Can treat your heart like a plasmid wash
She said hey lab rat do you get the balls
To break down these cell membrane walls
Turn on the centrifuge to make a neutron blonde
This is the future there is no looking back
Never mind the pictures that their taking
And make sure they can hear the noise your making
Turn the amplifier on to make a neutron blonde
Straight Off Adolf

I saw them walking down my street
They all had the same shoes on their feet
All marching in their uniforms
Yet they think they ain't the norm
Surf fascist fuckers always dropping in on me
Look no he's trying to cop a style
Same shirt pay dirt
Complete destruction left behind reasons
And every summer in end confrontation
Collected allies that we find against the copies and their kind
Repeating rifles soon expend you'll have to back another trend

Surf fascist fuckers always dropping in on me
Who are all these people chasing what?
Same hair
What they think were last year the forgot impaired
Of making, making decisions on their own
Persons and every summer we find liberation
Marching down my street again straight off
I say it's time we run in Adolf
Final solution own medicine straight off
And the only outcome is annihilation
Breakdown Shakedown

I'd like to think
That I could get from A to B without a problem
So what's this mean
Now that the red light on the dash board is shining
I can't believe
All the smoke pouring from transmissions
And all those leaks
Side of the freeways where the mission ends
Here comes your takedown breakdown
Stuck in the middle of a breakdown shakedown
I used to think
I had a tough walk in the beginning
What's it gonna take
To get my wheels on the road and keep them spinning
I can't believe
The amount of money it'll cost me
Servicing me
Air ratchet in the back highway robbery
Ms. Behavior

Who was that you called on the phone
We knew she'd never leave you alone
Don't you feel yourself sinking low
Man I would hang up let go
You always look so stupid in the end
When she's fucking round with your friends
I bet there's nothing that you regret more
Than calling Ms. Behavior
You called up Ms. Behavior
We don't like Ms. Behavior
In walks Ms. Behavior
I'm outta here there's no way I'll stay
Strong with her attitude right away
You gonna let her put you in that place
Man you're a fucking disgrace
You never should've let her in
I'm sure she'll pull that same crap again
I bet there's nothing that you regret more
Than calling Ms. Behavior
You called up Ms. Behavior
We don't like Ms. Behavior
Please go home Ms. Behavior
She's not what you thought she was when you took her home
When you woke up half of your shit was gone
There was vomit on your dresser and your records disappeared
You would've thought you learned your lesson
Friday night time is tight
a place to go where the feelings right
but it's dead no teenage head
gotta place to go but no way to get there
c'mon mom and daddy you gotta take me to the show
where i can really get it on
my friends are there with freaked out hair
the girls that kiss and tell without a care
perfect time to get in a fight
sure they might be bigger but we look good goin for it
sober up dad wake up mom
behind the club i gotta meet crooked tom
to get the pills, little ms. behave thrills
the guy that gets the weed
i don't remember what his name was
replay skill-shot extra-ball jackpot first time i saw you you were standing in the corner
your blinking lights and bumpers caught my eye rubbed my fingers on your flippers
pulled your plunger shot my balls in your chute it was love at first sight
i've been singing since hot shot my quaters in your slot
i really love it when my bonus is held so i keep on tryin'
my score keeps multiplying you're my true love but you can never tell my other girlfriends
how dare you tilt this relationship we've built what do i do now that my balls have been drained
another quarter don't you make this on shorter i'd never leave you for some video game
you take my money
idea brilliant lets make millions
kidnap his children no cash advance
play our song on the radio
pay off the DJ with payola money
straight to number one man
with cash or coke or whatever it is you do these days
hey Casey Casem we've got your children
we expect airplay
a long black limousine
if you ever want to see em' again
payola or die
your brothers making big bucks down on the skids selling smack and wack to some fucked up kids
he's got a beeper and a brand new car you got a habit he's not to far
your old man is stuck in mid life crisis restore his youth no matter what the price is
he goes out and buys a new mustang we took the chevy and blew him away
you never though we knew your sister so well she's telling secrets that she couldn't tell
she met the boys after the show sex drugs rock n birth control
your mom needs salvation from her fucked up life she bumped her head and saw the light
she's going door to door selling the word but don't you know that we've already heard
You're a goddam gypsy dildo son of a bitch your brothers in the schoolyard selling cocaine hits
your sister's a whore your daddy drives a ford your mommas so crazy screamin' Jesus is Lord
step on the brake
pedal to the floor
gotta kick ass
freeway drivin'
i'm so bored with class man you call this education
i wanna hear my guitar on the radio stations
i wanna tear up the stage livin' in the teen age
the ice age don't matter its been long thawed out
bronze age is another thing to care about
history lessons don't matter much to me
school destruction suits me perfectly
tear up the stage livin in the teen age
don't they know we're livin' in the teen age
don't they know we're dying in the teen age
i'm gonna take my problems to the United Nations
so i can pass a law for year around summer vacation
build a cage around your nuclear age
school me well teach me technology
won't mean a thing as far as i can see
scholastic funeral Principles wearing black tell the teacher we ain't ever coming back
build a cage around your nuclear age
now begins the quest for higher education
got a masters degree in weed inhilation
turn the page on the dinosaur age
in our parents garage we'll start a violent new wave band
slam our guitars into their face until they understand
weve got the noise that annoys mom
won't appreciate hanging out with the boys and coming home late
turn the page on the dinosaur age
Moms on a bender
This daddy ain't mine
so well just preferred and get middle class high
I've got some problems with my living expense
Inflated prices on the good stuff
Our neighbors keep sneaking it over the fence
The overhead is getting pretty rough
President Bush we could use your help
Presidente Fox has some good stuff for sale
we'll all sit on the fence together
they smoked it down and never exhaled
if this shit was cheaper i could spend more
to stimulate the economy
You gotta do something Georgie Boy
these prohibition prices are killing me
Those fucking punks keep truging on my lawn
I'm gonna kill one
One by one till there gone
Don't scratch my car
I hear those spikes and chains clinging down the street
No values
You can tell by their friends and the people they meet
Here comes those freaks again
Turn down that shit
Good now your gonna hav to hear me yell
if you had parents
They would tell you that the clothes you wear
don't look so well
Property Values
will fall if we don't do something about these freaks
lets waste them
before the home owners meeting at the end of the week
Here comes those freaks again
static ecstatic
from old man got advice
he said tv reception equals detection
and they can see you when your radios tuned in
too static ecstatic
i go home thinking this is paranoia
big brother media
then i heard them listening in on the end of my stereo
quick change the channels
they've been watching
close all the windows
lock the doors tight
call the old man, he'll know what to do about this threat
he proclaimed turn off your TV's
turn off your radios
with no reception no detection for you and me
something ugly reared its head in surf city
supposedly its us
since then they sent "Bodie 601" to dispose of us
call the doctor
the patients ill
new wave overload
i guess they'll soon be after me
i am the cancer
radiations no solution for this
it just makes you weaker
tell Bodie 601 their plan has missed
the kids are gonna kick there ass
block by block surf city cancer grows
soon city by city and when Bodie 601 shows
we're gonna kick the shit out of them
I am the Cancer
this new developement
we'll pack the robots in
rows of printed houses
is the goal for them
there is no clear line
to set or define
where suburban sprawl ends
and another begins
I'll make my stand
against the scam
Who are these cul-de-sac kids?
replicating clones
lawns quite well manicured
I think i'm staying home
have you ever had that sinking feeling
where you think your life is a mess
you don't remember where your problems started
but you know where you're gonna be left
that story always applies to me
because the problems just beginning
and we're headed for catastrophe
so now we're left all skrewed up in a shit creek
and our wheels are totally flat
we're outta time, outta money, outta weed
outta luck and that leaves us at
that story always applies to me
because the problems just beginning
and we're headed for catastrophe
watch this sound explosion
lay waste inside your head
it's violent beat throwing
needles into the red
sometimes it calms you
sometimes it makes you cringe
it does'nt bother me
either ways i always win
that nervous feeling starts shaking me
blasting music machine in my 280Z
audiophile audiophile
rotting with headphones on
they're bolted to my skull
sound wave oblivion
weed choking made mental
you take your MC5
13th Floor Elevator
you turn yours up
and i'll meet you in between
nobody cares about macnamara or the viet-cong
'bout Tim McVeigh or the U.S. Bombs
'bout Hollywood or it's falling stars
'bout the victims of delinquent cars
nobody cares about a word that you say
fuck you anyway
nobody cares 'bout Rush Limbaugh or the F.C.C.
'bout the cancers that are killing me
'bout the junkies or the way they die
'bout Janet Reno or the F.B.I.
nobody cares 'bout the repo man or the eighties
'bout punk rock or Rat Scabies
'bout O.J. or his Ginsu knife
or 'bout the tattoos that scar me for life
my friends don't like me anymore
they don't like what i flaunt
i'm steppin on fingers i'm steppin on toes
i'm gonna get what i want
i'm a jerk (x3)
you're chick don't dig me anymore
but you know we had our fun
while you were busy jerkin, i was busy working
on the couch with her blouse undone
i'm a jerk (x3)
mom and dad don't like the way i live
they say what happened to our son
while brother and sister did their homework
i was rockin with #1
i'm a jerk (x3)
kids down the street don't like my style
they said man, you're lookin like you're nuts
so i walk by with my brain all fried
c'mon who cares so what
i'm a jerk (x3)
hope you learn a lesson
I ain't out to impress you, i'm a jerk
the stories they tell you are probably all true
i'm a jerk

Judy's a model that's what her friends keep trying to tell me but i ain't listening
she's just a joke it's your cup she's pissing in over the toilet she was wishing
it was all so perfect but no chance at that
in daddy's car with school boys making out
they were convinced without a doubt
is a cover girl on some magazine publications no ones ever seen
she ain't no model and it breaks my heart to say
there's no way and we hate when they say
Judy's all screwed up she's got her finger in her throat and its so damn beautiful
purging out memories she used to find so painful try and lie it away that idea is wonderful
make it all so perfect no chance at that
i don't know what the Judy's been telling you but i live next door and i know it's not the truth
guess you could call her insecure our lack of response might dissappoint her
it made me laugh when i heard another kid say there's no way and he hates when they say
Judy's a model
this song goes out to the girls in my city
down on the beach in a string bikini
seventeen an innocent dream
but the girls gonna do
what a girl wants to do
mini skirt gave a frequent phone number
not sitting around like she did last summer
fake I.D. her dads car keys
she's on the freeway to Huntington Beach
wants a party and keys to the world
the tweaker kid says
she's their favorite girl
a couple of chokes on that bottle of wine
I heard that girl goes down
almost every time
man I wish i was in your position
a girl upstairs with no inhibitions
your asking me about my condition
its on and on break some skull
friday night know she feels so bad
sneaking out while her parents slept
somewher to play she on her way
you know the boys always love it
when she comes to stay
flippin coins for her favorite position
lied to her dad like a politician
the radio plays her favourite song
that girl will be breaking skull all nite long
I lost all of my good friends
all i am left with is bad
I lost my car keys i lost my wallet
I'm broke and sad
I lost control of my psychotic feelings
i'm losing my temper i'm losing sleep
lost that stupid girl I used to hang with
lost all of my memory
I lost feeling i lost hope
i lost my job man, I can't cope
losing interest, losing my hair
i lost my job, but i don't care
i lost love a couple of times
but i swear to god i'm losing my mind
i lost all of my goddam hearing
repeat it I can't hear what you just said
lost the use of my arms and my legs
lost the blood flow to my head
I lost respect for me and my body
lost the ability to think
losin the race gonna finish last man
losin consciousness after this drink

i just wanna die tonite
suicides on my mind tonite
drank a bottle'o bleach poison delight
clorox cocktails'til the end
I don't care what the TV's say
couldn't think of checking out a better way
overdose or what the heck
a noose around my neck
i just wanna die
i just wanna die i wrote
spillin my guts all over a note
with a slash to the wrist
a cut to the throat
man what a way to go
I don't care what the neighbors say
dying tonite is the only way
i can't stop it's only go
my head is gonna blow
i just wanna die tonite
suicides on my mind tonite
like an uphill battle or a losing fight
i just wanna quit
i don't care what the TV's say
so much better to throw it all away
do it young before its too late
cash in my death certificate
I just wanna die tonite
suicides on my mind tonite
gonna get real drunk hop in a car
and smash into a wall
i don't care what the TV's say
got tired of living yesterday
the last hoorah it where it ends
so it's good-bye my friends